NYC Sanitation Department and Department of Health stumble on data point while investigating animal waste safety issues in New York City.


In a routine look at sanitation, pet waste and public safety, the NYC Sanitation Department and Department of Health uncovered that more dogs urinate on Trump Tower than any other building in Midtown East. The research is part of an ongoing look at pet elimination in the streets and whether or not pet waste impacts public health.


During the course of their research, investigators were stationed throughout the city and made notes on the bathroom habits of walked dogs. Each was instructed to record whether or not animals were curbed or whether they eliminated on sidewalks or on buildings. When the results came in, the investigators were surprised to see a big spike in the number of dogs that peed on Trump Tower.


“I was shocked!” said sanitation employee, Ralph Stanza. “It was like they were going out of their way to drag their owners down to 57th street. I mean, I know that the Times goes out of its way to dump on the President, but I didn’t think that dogs would do the same thing.”


When asked if there could be a medical condition behind the phenomenon, Dr. Michael Dattner, a veterinarian at Brookfield Animal Hospital in Fairfield County, CT., commented, “Any time we see increased urination, there is room for concern. In this case a lot of the dogs were Chihuahuas. Is that a coincidence? I don’t know. I would need to examine the dogs to make a definitive diagnosis.”


The Department of Health wants the public to know that there is no reason for alarm and that currently none of the public is at risk for any disease transmitted by urine like Leptospirosis. Said Stanza, “ I don’t know. Maybe the dogs just don’t like him. You’ve heard the expression vote with your feet? Maybe these dogs just decided to vote with something a little higher up.”


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