Forecasts show that 32% of dogs in Fairfield County will test positive for Lyme disease in 2018.


SAVE 30% on the Lyme Vaccine Now through June 30th


In an effort to save more dogs from infection, Brookfield Hospital is partnering with Zoetis Animal Health to offer a limited time 30% discount on Lyme vaccines for all dogs not previously vaccinated against the disease. Discount applies to the vaccine only.


About the Zoetis Vanguard Lyme Vaccine


The Zoetis Vanguard Lyme Vaccine is one of the most effective Lyme disease deterrents on the market.  Safe and effective, it protects against a broad spectrum of the bacteria that cause Lyme.


Lyme Infection Will Spike Mid-May through July 15th


Though dogs and humans can be infected with Lyme disease year-round in our area, the majority of infections occur between May and July when the number of nymph (baby) ticks spikes.


Act Now. Offer Ends June 30th


It’s an honor to bring this life saving service to the dogs in our area.  Please take advantage of it while supplies last.  Mobile users can click the phone icon to get started or simply call 203 775 3679 or use the contact form below.


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More On the Lyme Vaccine


All dogs must have a physical examination by one of our Brookfield doctors before the vaccination can be administered and must test negative for any tick-related disease.  The Lyme vaccine is administered in two doses three weeks apart.  Discount only applies to the cost of the vaccine.


35 Dollar Rebate On Tick Prevention


Keep your dog and family safe from ticks with a monthly, safe chewable tab called Simparica and receive a 35 dollar rebate when you purchase a year’s worth of protection at Brookfield.



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