Care Chronicles

Inspiring stories about people and animals
Getting Bad News Before It’s All That Bad

Getting Bad News Before It’s All That Bad

I may get to keep my dog longer because Brookfield Animal Hospital found two life-threatening issues at their earliest stages. Never Expected Anything To Be Wrong During my dog Rye’s recent annual visit to Brookfield Animal Hospital, we both received bad news.  While...

Stories About People and the Pets in Their Lives

Brookfield Animal Hospital is committed to nurturing the human animal bond. In our day-to-day lives we regularly witness devotion… when pets look at their owners, when owners look at pets…it seems cloying, but we are regularly part of beautiful stories.

About Our Doctors And Nurses

Our team members are a big reason why we succeed. A lot of the stories you’ll read revolve around the efforts, energy and passion of one of our employees. We owe a lot to their work at our practice.

The People That Come To Our Practice

Our clients are a big part of our identity. They make up part of our practice’s character and personality. If a story has been selected for our care chronicle, it’s often because it’s attached to an extraordinary pet owner.

The Special Creatures We Care For

Beautiful animals. It’s not long before veterinary professionals come to realize that pets share many human feelings and thoughts. Really! Our care chronicles include a number of stories that will surprise you with animals’ ability to feel, think and emote.

Some of the stories that stand out…