Thank you, Dr. Dattner! You’re amazing!

And so is Brookfield Animal Hospital and your team!  The care that you provided Muffin was just wonderful.  As you know, I was super scared when I first heard Muffin’s diagnosis, but you did such a great job at calming me down and then of course, making Muffin...

Daryl Yuan


All of the doctors spend the time to explain what is going on with your pet and the various treatment options. The vet techs and staff members are professional and helpful.

The vets have consistently offered us different treatment options, from conservative to aggressive, and spent a lot of time to answer our questions about the pros and cons of each treatment. BAH has a very caring attitude and real affection for our pets.

BAH was the first in the area to offer laser therapy, which we have used for pets with arthritis and as an alternative to minor surgery for a cat with a heart murmur. We will be sticking with Brookfield Animal Hospital




Kathy Mckean



Brookfield has amazing pet doctors, all of whom are extremely knowledgeable and empathetic. I would have to move pretty far away before I give up this wonderful group of caring veterinary professionals.



 Karen Wilding


The office staff is always friendly, warm and obvious animal lovers, from the front desk to vet techs and assistants. The have always been accommodating and have great follow up. I moved last year from Brookfield and still make the trip to my trustworthy Vet.