To celebrate our 20th year anniversary, Brookfield would like to extend an opportunity for great health to all of our patients…and even to those that we haven’t yet met!

50% Off Senior Wellness Blood Profile


Detect Disease Before Your Pet Gets Sick


Senior wellness screens are comprehensive blood and urine tests that can detect disease or worrisome health trends long before they begin to visibly effect your pet.  They have the power to detect some of the most common diseases in dogs and cats, diseases which, when caught early, can be managed affordably and easily.


Every Brookfield Employee Uses This Test


Every Brookfield employee including the owners, Dr. Michael Dattner and Dr. Silke Bogart, test their pet’s health with senior screens because everyone at our practice has seen how these screens save and extend lives.


Most Affordable In Our Area


It’s likely that you will not find a less expensive way to screen your pet anywhere in our area.  This is a great savings and a great way for you to keep your pet living longer, happier, and healthier.  Please use the phone icon to call (203) 775-3679 or the form below to reach out to us with questions or to request an appointment.


Thank you for being part of the Brookfield veterinary care family.  It’s been our pleasure to serve you these many years!

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