AAHA accreditation matters to you and your pet

What is AAHA?

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the only accrediting body for companion veterinary hospitals in the US and Canada. A non-profit organization, AAHA accredits hospitals to high standards, and is the only way to know if a veterinary hospital is operating at the highest standards of veterinary care.

One of our favorite patients says "Good Morning! I'm ready for my appointment!" to the Brookfield Animal Hospital client service team

Good morning!

Why you should care: how AAHA accreditation is better for you and your pet

Did you know that AAHA accreditation is voluntary? That means that Brookfield Animal Hospital made the decision to go through a rigorous process of evaluation of over 900 medical, communication, and operational standards and came out on top! AAHA hospitals are recognized as the epitome of excellence in the industry and only hospitals that have met the AAHA standards can display the AAHA logo. What’s more, since veterinary medicine is continuously changing, AAHA is continuously updating their protocols and standards to meet the latest developments. AAHA hospitals are re-evaluated every 3 years to ensure that they are updating practice protocols to meet these changes as well.




Our veterinarians regularly discuss patient care and case management together.

Three heads are better than one!

AAHA accreditation results in hospital teams – from the leadership to the animal handlers- that are trained to provide exceptional medical care, maintain amazing communication with clients, and to have the dedication and pride to go the extra step for your pet, always. This all translates to better medical care for your pet, and a great experience for you.


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