Are You A Pet Whisperer?


Some of our clients pride themselves on knowing what their pets are feeling and thinking.  Take this test to determine if you have a sixth sense for why your cat or dog does what it does.


Select the radio button next to the best answer for each question.  When you have answered all the questions, your score will be tallied and you’ll receive the correct answer to any of the questions that you missed.



Congratulations!  You’re a pet whisperer. Share the news with your friends.  Or hey…why don’t you just whisper it to any pet you come across today!

Sorry, but you’re not a pet whisperer, but with more observation, it’s likely that you will be.  Our pets watch our every move.  Start paying attention to what your pet does and when it does it. You’ll soon start to connect the dots and discover the underlying message of your pet’s behavior.

#1 Out of the blue, your cat starts to pee on your bed…

Incorrect.  The answer is all of the above.   Inappropriate urination can be your cat’s way of ‘marking’, something that many pets do when they are uncomfortable with changes in their environment and when their role in the household is challenged by the addition of a new girlfriend, a new baby, a new pet, rearranged furniture, etc.  Dirty litter pans may also be the issue and a medical condition like an infection should always be ruled out when dogs or cats inappropriately eliminate.  Take note that your pet is NOT punishing you with its behavior. What he or she is really doing is trying to assert some control over an environment in which the status quo has been upset or he or she may be ill.

#2 Your dog keeps licking your hand…

Incorrect.  Though any of the options could be correct, your dog is most likely licking your hand because he or she wants attention.

#3 Why does my dog tilt its head when it hears something weird?

Incorrect.  Though all of the answers are speculated to be true, no one knows the real answer.

#4 My cat kills things and brings me the gory remains…

Incorrect:  In the wild, cats teach their young to kill by bringing home dead or maimed creatures.  In the absence of kittens (the habit can be especially pronounced in spayed females), your cat is living out the instinct to teach you how to kill.

#5 My dog is panting…

Incorrect.  Panting can be an expression of pain, a need to go to the bathroom, nervousness, or a way to cool off.

#6 My dog jumps on me…

Incorrect:  Though it’s possible that you’ve inadvertently trained your dog that if she jumps on you enough, you’ll take her for a fun walk, jumping is often a sign that your dog is trying to express dominance.

#7 My cat keeps bugging me to feed him…

Excessive eating can be a sign that your pet is bored or has a medical condition that is causing the hunger.  Never let your cat (or dog for that matter) get overweight.  Talk to a Brookfield veterinarian to ensure that your pet’s hunger is not due to some underlying medical problem or to find a way to keep your pet happy and living at a healthy weight.

#8 Your dog humps your new boyfriend’s leg…

Incorrect:  Humping is your dog’s way of trying to assert dominance.  And yes, even girl dogs do it, though it doesn’t anatomically make a whole lot of sense.



Interested in more weird behavior.  Here’s a great video on the topic.