Connecticut’s bear population has exploded over the last four decades.  How much do you know about these terrific creatures?

Take this quiz and find out.  It’s an entertaining way to learn about bears that live right here in our state!


Score and answers will appear once you’ve completed the quiz.  Good luck!


1. What should you do if you see a bear while hiking with your dog?


2. Which town in Connecticut had the most bear sightings in 2017?


3. How many total bear sightings were reported in Connecticut in 2017?


4. True or False: Bears have always been plentiful in Connecticut.


5. How many toes do bears have?


6. Are bears herbivores or carnivores?


7. When do bears breed in Connecticut?


8. At what time of year are bear cubs born in Connecticut?


9. Can bear cubs see when they are born?


10. You should reduce the chances of bears visiting your backyard because…


11. What does it mean when I see a bear with a tag in its ear?


12. Can I bring my pet bear to Brookfield Animal Hospital for his yearly shots?



Visit the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for more information on Connecticut bears.


Report a bear sighting in Connecticut


Don’t worry, you’re not risking the bear’s life.  Reports of sightings help researchers and keep both people and bears safe.

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