Shelter euthanasia rates are down by a whopping 42% thanks to the great people who choose to adopt and to the use of microchips that reunite owners with lost pets.


But the news got us to thinking: how much do we really know about our shelter system and what goes on with Connecticut’s homeless animals? Care to take a quiz and test your knowledge?  It will be a fun way for you to learn the facts.


Your score, the answers, and more information will load in once you’ve completed the quiz.  Good luck!


1. According to the ASPCA, how many pets enter the shelter system annually in the U.S?


2. True or False: More dogs enter the shelter system than cats.


3. What percentage of U.S. households own a dog or a cat?


4. Of the pets that are owned in America, what percentage are adopted from a shelter?


5. What’s the number one reason why a dog or a cat ends up in the shelter system?


6. According to the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, Connecticut’s pet impound rate is down by what percent since 1998?


7. Connecticut’s Animal Population Control Program (APCP) annually donates tens of thousands of dollars to needy families to assist them with the cost of spaying or neutering their pet.  Unfortunately these free ‘sterilization vouchers’ are not always used.  Of the sterilization vouchers that are distributed in Fairfield County to needy pet owners, what percentage are used ?


8. The top breed of dog in Connecticut’s impound system in 2016 was:


9. The number one pure breed dog in Connecticut’s impound system is:


10. Connecticut partially funds its animal control program using funds from ‘Caring for Pets’ vanity license plates.  In 2016, what amount of revenue was earned state-wide from these plates?


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