We Cater to Cats!

Cats are not small dogs, they eat, sleep and play differently. They also may experience much different stress when coming to our animal hospital and present to us with different medical and behavioral problems. Our doctors are trained in these differences (Dr. Michael Dattner is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners) and our staff is trained in ways to lessen the stress of your cat’s visit to our hospital.


Traveling With Your Cat

Getting a cat to the vet can be challenging- being put in a carrier that swings all around when carried, and hearing and smelling all sorts of unusual things (the car, voices at the hospital, other animals) can be terrifying. But we can help make this trip less stressful! Ask our staff for advice and read this brochure with helpful information on getting your cat to the vet.  We can also prescribe medication to give before travel to help keep your cat feel calm.


Cat Only Hours

Every Monday and Thursday, from 1 to 2 pm, we only schedule appointments for cats. No dogs in the waiting room to make your cat nervous!  Can’t schedule during those hours? If you’re concerned your cat is feeling nervous, ask to be brought into one of our feline-friendly examination rooms to wait.


Cat Friendly Exam Rooms

We reserve several exam rooms for predominantly cat examinations. The less dog-smells your cat is exposed to, the more comfortable he or she will be. Our rooms have Feliway diffusers, a pheromone that helps cats feel more secure and calm in their environment. Our staff are trained in Free-Free techniques and will try to handle your cat to keep her as calm as possible while providing safety for our staff and doctors.


Help With Common Cat Illnesses

Cats have their own medical and behavioral problems. Litter box problems and inter-cat disagreements are common problems that our doctors can help with. Common cat medical problems include feline viral diseases, kidney and thyroid disease, diabetes and obesity,  and heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy) amongst others.


Have a question about your cat? Feel free to call our hospital and discuss your concerns with our staff.


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