These pet owners take dental disease seriously (as they should!)  Here is a great line up of laughs, innovation, persistence and love all on display.  Let us know which one is your favorite!


All I need when I’m trying to get ready for work…


This dog wants to brush the teeth of his brother.  Funny!


Talk about well behaved.  How do you think this owner achieved this level of obedience with her dog?  If you were to get your dog or cat started with toothbrushing, how would you begin?  Use the comment section to tell us about it.


Another exceptionally well trained dog.  Use the comment section to tell us how you got your dog to be this accepting of oral hygiene.  Better yet, send us your video!


February is Pet Dental Health Month

If you haven’t been as good as these pet owners about keeping your pet’s teeth clean, then take advantage of Pet Dental Month at Brookfield.  You’ll get 10% off your pet’s entire dentistry bill!  Give us a jingle and we’ll get you set up for an appointment!