Want to add variety to your dog’s meal? These human food additives are safe and nutritious!


Don’t Make It a Habit


Use these additives irregularly as a treat, not as regular part of every meal. Dogs trained to consistently eat dog food mixed with human food may be a nuisance to board and finicky about eating their regular meal. Also, make sure that these food additions aren’t allowed to spoil in your dog’s dish. Thoroughly wash your dog’s dish after feeding human foods to avoid contamination by salmonella and other bacteria harmful to humans.


You Don’t Have To Add Human Food To Improve Your Dog’s Regular Diet


The U.S. has a good system in place to ensure that dog foods are balanced and nutritious just as they are. Many pet owners prefer to home cook their dog’s meals thinking that they can improve upon their dog’s nutrition, when in fact, the commercial varieties available  are affordable, safe, balanced and palatable.   To understand more about dog foods, go to our resource page and read the handout written by Dr. Silke Bogart on the topic. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about dog food in a one sheet handout.


Tuna Fish

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Tuna fish is high in protein, B3, B6, B12, omega 3 fatty acids, essential minerals and very appealing to dogs. Select a canned tuna that’s packed in water and low in sodium. The low salt part is especially important. Both dogs and cats are sensitive to salt. Even moderate exposure to excessive salt can harm the kidneys of dogs and cats. There is concern about the high level of mercury in long-lived fish like tuna, so this treat is best given infrequently and in portions not to exceed 0.03 ounces per pound of dog weight.