Boo, Grumpy Cat, and even the ‘actress’ that played Toto have made a huge impact on the movie business and the Internet. Here’s a look at iconic pet celebrities and new ones that are blowing up the Internet.


Grumpy Cat, An Internet Phenom


It’s sort of unbelievable when you think about it.  A cat born with a perpetual pout has earned her owner an estimated 100 million dollars! Grumpy Cat first hit the Internet in 2012 when the brother of owner, Tabatha Bundesen, put the cat’s picture on Reddit.   Since then, Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, has gained 8.6 million followers on Facebook, 2.5 followers on Instagram, and 1.5 million on Twitter. The cat was born with a condition knows as feline dwarfism which presumably is responsible for the cat’s stubby tail, small stature, and puckered puss.  Grumpy cat’s face can be found on countless pessimistically themed memes and swag.  A 2015 copyright infringement case was decided in favor of the cat and the feline was awarded 710K dollars in damages.  Grumpy cat sells clothes, mugs, t-shirts and anything else that can be emblazoned with a cranky outlook on life.


Boo, The World’s Cutest Dog


This Pomeranian, first marketed as the world’s cutest dog, has its owner to thank for his worldwide acclaim.  The dog’s human mom, Irene Ahn, started a Facebook page for the pup in 2010.  When pop star, Kesha, saw the page and tweeted that she had found a new boyfriend in Boo, the canine when viral. After the dog’s Facebook page acquired more than 5 million fans, Chronicle Books approached the owner about publishing a tome that went on to translation in 10 different languages.  In 2012, Virgin Atlantic issued a statement that Boo had been hired as part of the company’s campaign to advertise its pet friendly travel services. Boo earns 1 million dollars a year. That’s alota Milkbones, baby!


Bodhi, The Menswear Dog


You need to see it to believe it, but this menswear model, a Shiba Inu in high fashion, is a compelling sales figure.  The dog’s image is the brainchild of New York residents Dave Fury and Yena Kim who work in fashion and graphic design.  Since 2012, Bodhi has appeared in a number of shoots wearing high end cartigans, and $2600 dollar suits.  In addition to the dog’s perfect looks, the photographers always manage to capture just the right expression to sell whatever item Bodhi is modeling. Check him out for yourself.  We’re here to tell you, he’ll make you feel like shopping.  Maybe that’s why this canine model earns roughly 15k a month in modeling and image fees.


The Movie Moguls


We’ve been fans of dogs and cats long before the Internet.  In 1921, Strongheart, a German World War I veteran and police dog, was discovered by Hollywood director, Lawrence Trimble, and put in his first silent picture.  The movie was a hit and the dog went onto star in 5 more films and to receive a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.   Rin Tin Tin was another German Shepherd with box office clout.  At the height of his fame, Rin Tin Tin was given the key to New York City by then mayor Jimmy Walker and enjoyed first class service when he flew in planes. Pal, the male dog that always played the female character of Lassie in film and television, earned 51K dollars a week in today’s money.  Lastly, Toto, played by a female dog named, Terry, earned the equivalent of $2200 dollars a week in today’s money. That’s twice what the Munchkins made. Interesting fact, Terry was actually abandoned by her owner at 1 year of age when she was dropped off at an animal handler’s home for training.  When the pet parent never returned, the handler trained the bright terrier for work in motion pictures.  In additional to the Wizard of Oz, Terry made 14 other movies!


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