brookfield emilyWelcome!

My name is Emily and I have an AA Degree from University of Central Florida where I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Business Administration online.

I grew up in Gainesville, Florida on a horse farm and I moved to Connecticut, more specifically Fairfield County, in 2014.

I am part of the amazing team of Client Care Representatives here at Brookfield Animal Hospital.  We are the face and voice of this practice and manage to handle many pet health questions from clients on the phone, and oversee the entire practice’s medical schedule.

I have been involved in the customer service industry since I was in high school. I decided to move to the veterinary side of things because I am very passionate about animals as well as people and have a desire to serve others. Working at an animal hospital gives me the chance to serve both people and their pets 🙂

I currently have one dog (or fur child), a yellow Labrador Retriever named Dakota. I grew up with six dogs, two cats, and five horses, but raising my first puppy on my own has been a new and exciting experience (and has taught me a whole lot of patience)!

My pets have always been members of the family and not only deserve the best care, but deserve for us to do everything we can to keep them both happy and healthy.

I rode hunter jumper horses for 15 years in Florida and enjoyed everyday I spent on the farm. I have a love for all animals, but horses and dogs are near and dear to my heart. Despite leaving the farm, I have been so happy with my move to the northeast and I love hiking and exploring with my dog, Dakota.