Jess 400x600Hello!  I’m Jess and I’d like to welcome you to our page

I graduated  from Unity College in Maine in 2011 where I studied Wildlife care and education.  I work as one of the outpatient technicians here at Brookfield.

I was born and raised in Southbury Connecticut and surrounding towns. I lived in Maine for 4 years during College

About my pets:

I have a dog, Bella a 7 y.o Hound mix.  I’ve had this swee girls since a puppy.  She has loads of all kinds of allergies so if you have an allergic pet, talk to me 🙂
I have a cat, Opie. He’s a 1 1/2 y.o. cat.   Then there’s a lizard. His name is Bane .  He’s a 2 y.o. Bearded Dragon.  I’ve had him since he was a baby.  I won him at a reptile convention!  Fun door prize, right? 🙂
Lastly I have a snake, named Reptar.  He’s an 8 y.o ball python  and was rescued from friend who could no longer care for him.


enjoy Archery, and being creative/crafty. Enjoy the outdoors and camping in the summer.