Veterinary Technician


I have been working at Brookfield Animal Hospital for 2 years now. I started out as a veterinary assistant and worked my way up to being a veterinary technician. Prior to working at BAH, I spent a month in Thailand at an elephant refuge center. After leaving Thailand I completed an internship at Wildlife in Crisis in Weston, CT. The most important thing you should know about me… is how much I LOVE FOOD!

At home, I have a cat named Philip J. Purr who is a very handsome and regal orange tabby. I also have a rabbit named Bear who is a black mini lop.

I would love to eventually work with wildlife or exotics! I still continue to volunteer at wildlife in crisis  when I can.

Some of my favorite hobbies include singing, cooking, going to see my favorite bands live, playing guitar hero, binge watching TV shows, and of course…. EATING!