Brookfield KaeHello! My name is Kaelin and I’m Client Care Representative here at Brookfield Animal Hospital.

At Brookfield, we provide veterinary care for dogs, cats and pocket pets and we’re considered the go-to place for premier veterinary care in our area.

I’m originally From Monroe, CT,  but currently live in Sandy Hook, CT

I have a B.S Animal Science and Technology from University of Rhode Island  that I received in 2009. I Completed an internship at the Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island while there.

I started working at an animal hospital in high school as an assistant/kennel attendant. After college, I worked at a local boarding/training/grooming facility for 3 years before coming to Brookfield Animal Hospital in 2012.

About my Horses, Dogs, Cats and Goats!

I don’t have all the pictures loaded, but I’d like to tell you about my pets.  I have Coach.  He’s a dog, 5 1/2 yr mixed breed, adopted from a rescue in Tennessee.  There’s Moze.  Another dog, 4yr St. Bernard, adopted from a rescue in Pennsylvania as result of a humane society seizure case in West Virginia.  Moze has had a bit of a tough road. When I first adopted him, he had some behavior problems with strangers coming into the house, but after working with a behaviorist  and getting some  training and medication he has become a wonderful dog.

Who else?  Oh, there’s Bella a 10 year old Siamese cat; Mini, a 7 year old domestic shorthaired cat found hit by
a car on the side of the road!  At the time she was found, she had a broken jaw which required surgery and wiring.  That was tough!
There’s Mya, another domestic shorthair that my sister found wondering around at a gas station in Massachusetts covered in fleas.  Don’t forget your Revolution folks!  And if that’s not enough for you I have another cat, Dale, a seven year old domestic shorthair, two horses (Stelli and Cade) and two, count em TWO, pygmy goats!

Pictures coming soon 🙂

By the way, since we’re on the topic of animals and cats in particular, can I remind everyone of the value of annual visits for cats?  Its very important!