Payment Options

brookfield familyWe want to provide our clients some affordable ways to pay for premium veterinary care.  Here are the best solutions we can recommend.

Brookfield accepts cash as well as American Express, Mastercard, and visa credit cards.  We can also accept personal checks, once they have been verified by us using telechek.  Additionally, we recommend that our clients explore these additional ways to afford the very best care possible for your pet.

Care Credit

Careredit is a healthare credit card that allows you to pay for the cost of treatment and all the things that keep your pet healthy and happy. The card can be used for any veterinary expenses, including emergencies, illness, preventive care, and pet food. You’ll have the convenience of making monthly payments with a variety of interest rate choices.  Additionally you can use Care Credit, it is widely accepted throughout the U.S. at human dental facilities and doctor offices.  Apply for CareCredit now!


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Health Savings Accounts

Several Credit Unions in Connecticut offer ‘save-to-win’ prize linked savings accounts that make saving fun! Seven credit unions in Connecticut have teamed up to offer this innovative savings plan. By making a $25 deposit, members at participating credit unions will be entered into drawings throughout the year and will get chances to win up to $5,000 in cash prizes.

The seven Connecticut credit unions participating in this program are:

  • Achieve Financial CU
  • Connex CU
  • Dutch Point CU (Launching Soon)
  • Hartford Healthcare FCU
  • Healthcare Financial FCU
  • Seasons FCU
  • Windsor Locks FCU

We encourage our clients to reach out to one of the above financial institutions.  Making affordable, low monthly payments means that you always have a reserve of money to lean on should you need it for veterinary care.  You also have the added bonus that you and your pet may win one of the raffle prizes and significantly boost your account balance!  Apply online for an Achieve Financial Save-to-Win program now!


Trupanion Insurance

An excellent insurance company.  Please talk to us about activing a Trupanion Certificate for 1 month of free veterinary insurance.  Activate the Trupanion Certificate before we finish your pet’s exam and insure that any illness we find will be covered (some restrictions apply).