Pet owners are dressing their furry friends up for all the major holidays and the routine days in between.  Here’s a selection of get ups that really grabbed our eye.


Red Velvet Holiday Collar


We like this one, because most pets will tolerate a change of collar readily and it gives just enough splash of holiday spirit to really stick out.  Pets can wear this outside or in.  The lone jingle bell is a nice background noise as pets and people gambol about the house during parties.  Image link takes you to Amazon where you can view more details.


Runner Up, This Snappy, Custom-made Bow Tie

As Amazon is want to do, they threw this in on our search and it grabbed our eye.  It’s red enough for December and snazzy enough for any other seasonal event. What do you think? Click on picture for more information.




Like the collar, we love this because your dog or cat is likely to take to it readily.  It’s adorable and will undoubtedly bring your pet all the attention you love seeing him or her get. This version only available for cats, but click on photo for a wider selection.


Seasonal Sweater Available in All Sizes

We love this sweater because you can put it on any time between October and March when you want your dog or cat to look his best. Available in a wide variety of sizes.


Runner Up:  Preppy Enough to Wear Into Spring


The title says it all.  Available in two other colors. Click on photo to view more details.


(Power) Walk in Style

Did you know that a brisk 25 minute walk burns one calorie for every pound of body weight?  Why not take the pooch along and make a day of it?  This sporty doggie-workout jacket will complete your picture of health. Click on photo to view on Amazon.


A Mane Source of Irritation

Look, there are about 300 positive reviews for this thing, but we’re still not convinced that your dog or cat is going to like having his ears confined beneath this snood of fake fur.  Maybe he’ll sit for one picture, but how long before he’s pawing to get it off and alligator rolling in protest?  Have you had any luck with this kind of costume?  If so, we’re thinking you own a Lab.  Share your experience in the comments section below.




Here’s another seasonal sweater that looks great, will get your pet the attention that he or she loves, and can be used either casually or for a special event.



Tie One On For The Holidays


Dressing your pet up should be fun for everyone, not just the people involved. That’s why we like this easy, velcro fake collar and tie.  It’s just enough to ensure your pet fits into the festive picture without making him or her uncomfortable.


Another Great, Comfortable Look

We love the range of sizes that this sharp coat comes in.  Also available in blue.




We’re probably going to get flack for this, but we don’t like hats or other head gear for pets.  Nor are we a fan of confining costumes.  Why?  Too often the pet feels so restricted by the outfit that he or she thinks that the costume is some sort of punishment.  Still, some dogs and cats are used to all kinds of clothing and don’t mind these more extensive ensembles.  What has your experience been?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Hybrid: Why Can’t you Both Look Great At the Same Time?


This is probably the best designed pet carrier we’ve seen. According to the nearly 100 positive reviews, this bag is not ideal for dogs under 6 pounds because they may be too small to stick their heads out of the bag, however the designers have thought of everything else: extra pockets for pet (and people) supplies, a removable (and cleanable) bottom panel, plus a wide strap to evenly distribute the weight of your pet across your shoulders.  Excellent gift for you or a friend that likes to travel with a 7-15 pound dog or cat one that moves about urban areas where pets on leashes are not allowed.


Do you dress your pet up for casual or classy events? Let us know what your experience has been or share your favorite pet costume store.  Enjoy the season, everyone!


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