Hospitalization may be a scary word, but it can be the best way for your pet to get better fast.

We keep stress low and provide excellent care and oversight for your pet’s recovery from surgery or illness.


Advanced Veterinary Care In Fairfield County


If we determine that your pet requires hospitalization, we’re really recommending state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, medical care, careful nursing and veterinary oversight, and modern monitoring and medicine delivery equipment. Our facility has the ability to administer intravenous treatment, provide special temperature control, assist patients who are too sick to eat, manage acute vomitting or diarrhea, manage chronic or acute wounds and injuries, provide oxygen therapy, monitor seizuring patients and many other medical conditions too severe for pet owners to manage on their own.   We can also provide caring and gentle medical treatment for dogs and cats who are afraid and/or demonstrate aggression.  Our highly skilled and valuable nursing team work in conjunction with your pet’s veterinarian to monitor medical progress as well as general patient well being on an hourly basis.


Veterinary Nursing Staff and CARING healers


brookfield tlc sarah editBrookfield Animal Hospital pays its respect to excellent veterinary nursing care by going out of its way to hire experienced veterinary nurses. These talented team members, along with our team of veterinary assistants, carry out our veterinary patient medical orders, but equally important, they minimizing patient stress.  They look in on our patients regularly…they are often times seen sitting or standing next to them while they lie in their hospital beds.  They make sure that our patients have soft bedding, vocal approval, the right temperature, exercise as prescribed, and gentle treatment. Animals require minimal stress and rest in order to heal. You may see our nurses snuggled with some of our more anxious patients to help comfort them so they can feel more at ease.



Can I Visit My Pet In the Hospital?


Of course!  In fact, we encourage it. Some pets are greatly comforted by your
presence and may eat better in the hospital if you feed them. Sometimes the patient care team may ask that you schedule your visit around a treatment time. Please call the front desk to schedule a time to visit. Most visits last between 15-30 minutes, but anything is customizeable.


Help! My Pet Has To Be Hospitalized!


It’s understandable that you are nervous about hospitalizing your pet.  You’re probably most concerned that your pet doesn’t understand what’s happening and that you are making an already sick pet feel worse!  We completely understand.  As we discussed above, you can visit your pet in the hospital at any point during our public hours.  Together we’re going to get your pet well. With the devotion that you have and the care and expertise we provide on our side, we’re going to get through this just fine.

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