Laser Therapy




Benefits of laser therapy abound. Here’s how Brookfield can use safe, pain free laser therapy to help your pet.


Brookfield Animal Hospital knows that laser therapy works for petsHow Does Laser Therapy Help Pets?


Often called low-level laser therapy, or cold laser therapy, Class IV laser therapy is a noninvasive therapy that uses light to stimulate cells in the body and increase circulation. The laser light is delivered to the pet’s body using a noninvasive hand piece to treat the affected area. Laser therapy is a great way to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain.




Is Laser Treatment Right For My Dog or Cat?


There are many indications for using laser therapy in pets. If your pet is experiencing pain arthritis, joint problems, trauma or injury, laser therapy has been proven to help. Some of the common conditions we recommend laser therapy for are:


– Arthritis
– Muscle, ligament and tendon injury
– Sprains and strains
– Back pain
– Hot spots
– Spinal disease
– Post- surgical healing
– Hip dysplasia
– Gingivitis
– Lick granuloma
– Ear infection

Cats and Laser Therapy


Laser therapy is a great option for cats. Cats are very sensitive to medication and don’t have the same options as dogs for anti-inflammatories and pain medications. Cats with joint pain or back pain, especially ones that cannot benefit from medications,  can be successfully treated with laser therapy.


What should I expect if laser therapy is recommended for my pet?


Although improvement is often seen after just one treatment, laser therapy has a cumulative effect. This means that each treatment continues to improve your pet’s condition. Most conditions require a series of treatments for the full benefit of laser therapy to be realized. Your pet’s doctor will recommend a course of treatment (usually 3 to 8 visits) depending upon your pet’s condition. Each pet is different and treatments are unique to each pet’s specific needs.


Safe and NO Sedation


No sedation is needed and your pet’s hair will not need to be clipped. Your pet will be made comfortable in the exam room, and protective eyewear will be worn by anyone in close proximity to the laser probe. Your pet’s technician will administer the laser dose by moving the noninvasive hand piece over the affected area. Most sites of treatment take between 2-8 minutes. Many pets find this time relaxing, as you might find a therapeutic massage – some of our patients even fall asleep! The pain relief your pet experiences may be immediate.


No Side Effects


There are no known side effects of the treatment. You do not need to withhold food or water and there are no specific things you need change anything at home other than follow any restrictions or guidelines your veterinarian has given you relating to your pet’s condition.


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