Brookfield Animal Hospital provides microchips for petsThey’re not electronic, they’re not radioactive…they’re a benign, ceramic-coated bit of metal inserted safely under the skin of your pet.  They can’t break or poke.  They are responsible for reuniting hundreds of dogs and cats safely to their owners every year.

Perfectly Safe

Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are built to emit a unique radio frequency when ‘scanned’. They emit no energy on their own, so you don’t have to worry about irradiating your pet or harming him or her in any way.  They merely ‘bounce back’ the energy directed at them by the scanner and emit a brief radio signal that identifies the chip’s unique tracking number.

Watch what happend to Max.  Very real and totally unexpected.

Readable Anywhere

Nearly every U.S. animal control office, animal hospital, shelter and rescue organization possesses a microchip scanner.  When unidentified pets present at any one of these offices, they are immediately scanned.  If the pet possesses a microchip, the reader identifies the chip’s unique tracking number.  This number is entered into a national registry and the owner of the pet can be immediately identified and alerted.

The ‘Global Standard’ of Pet Microchips at Brookfield

Brookfield Animal Hospital only implants International Standardized Organization (ISO) chips in pets.  As the Petfinder website explains, “The microchip ID code format for this chip is defined as a 15-digit numeric code that uses 0-9, where the first three digits represent a country code or a manufacturers code. This frequently is considered the “global standard” for pet microchips, as it is used by the rest of the pet microchipping world.”

Implant a Pet Microchip At Any Time

Microchips can be implanted at any time during a dog or cat’s life, but the procedure is often coupled with the spay or neuter surgery to protect a pet against loss when he or she is at most risk of theft or roaming. Microchips are essential for any pet that will be transported outside of the U.S. and is an excellent added layer of protection for all pets that will be flown domestically by air.

Microchip my pet at Brookfield Animal Hospital and where I can microchip my pet all found at Brookfield.