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Officer Osuch with one of our patients, Bruno, a member of the local police K-9 Unit.

Vaccinations: More Than Just A  ‘Rabies Shot’


When is the last time you saw a dog with distemper?  How about the last one you saw with rabies?  These infectious diseases didn’t just go away.  They’re uncommon because of the power and efficacy of vaccines! In addition to the vaccines that you’re used to having us administer to your pet, we’ll determine whether or not your pet is  at risk for other highly contagious and debilitating diseases including feline leukemia, lyme disease and leptospirosis.  Use the hyperlinks on each of the above mentioned diseases for more information.


“Cummings School clinical professor Mary Labato, DVM, DACVIM, says that “at Tufts, we recommend lepto vaccination for all dogs.” and the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University


Catching Disease Early


As we’ve mentioned repeatedly, keeping pets well is infinitely better than waiting until they’re showing signs of disease.  If we are PROactive about health, rather than REactive, pets live longer, they feel better, they don’t suffer, they respond better to whatever treatment they might require, care is less expensive, and the whole experience is much much less stressful for pet owner and pet. At your annual visit, we will strongly encourage you to take advantage of our early disease detection screens.  Results from these tests can not only alert us to disease at it’s earliest stages, they can also reveal trends that can also tip us off that disease is on the horizon.  We have negotiated special discounted lab rates to make sure that early-disease detection is accessible to all of our clients. 


Dr. Langlois of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association explains everything you could ever possibly want to know about fleas, ticks and the nasty diseases that they transmit.  He’ll also talk about the best way to prevent these bugs from getting on your pet.  Entertaining and easy to understand.   A must watch for all dog and cat owners.

Protect Your Family


Brookfield is a ground zero for ticks and fleas. With infection rates of anywhere between 6-10% of all pets in our area, we do everything we can to make sure that our pets are disease free or receiving the treatment they need to get better fast.  This isn’t just for your pet, but your entire family.  Dogs and cats that are not treated for ticks, fleas and intestinal parasites on a regular basis can bring these bugs or pathogens into your house and put your family at risk of infection.  The Center for Disease Control has much to say on the topic of regular parasite screening and prevention.  Please check out this article on the benefits of year round flea and heartworm prevention as well.  At Brookfield, we regularly negotiate special pricing and promotion on all products that treat fleas and ticks.  Please ask us about these costs savings bonuses when you come for a visit.


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REactive veterinary care is the worst possible option for pets and pet owners.  Waiting till your dog or cat is showing signs of illness will weaken your pet, potentially shorten it’s life span, and decrease it’s quality of life.  Treatment for animals who are sick is more expensive, more stressful, and less successful.  Alternatively, prevention is affordable, virtually stress-free and almost guaranteed to extend the quality and length of your pet’s life.