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Brookfield Animal Hospital is an AAHA accredited animal hospital proudly serving the Brookfield, CT community. We are committed to quality veterinary care for our patients and individualized service for our clients. At Brookfield Animal Hospital, we pay attention to how pets feel and think.  We earn their trust, minimize stress, take time, and devise treatment plans that are effective and affordable.



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Is Your Pet Getting Up There In Years?

Watching your pet’s vitality and mobility slip away with age is hard.  You worry that he or she may be sore from arthritis, or worse, harboring a hidden disease.  We are committed to helping pets stay healthy and feeling great for as long as possible.  We know how to safely treat arthritis in pets and we can catch disease at its earliest stages. Catching disease at its earliest stages, when pets are still feeling good, is the most effective and affordable time to provide treatment.  Here’s how.


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how to keep my cat calm at the vet


A lot of pet owners dread putting their pet through the stress of a veterinary visit. We have developed ways to make cats and dogs feel more at ease at the veterinary office. Here’s how.






Did someone just sneeze? No! That’s the acronym for America’s most respected veterinary organization, the American Animal Hospital Association. We are very proud to have earned certification as one of their accredited hospitals, providing veterinary care in the Brookfield, Danbury, Bethel, New Milford, New Fairfield and Newtown, CT areas. Read more on accreditation here.

Veterinarian Services available at Brookfield



If you are experiencing a pet emergency during our normal business hours, please call us at (203)775-3679 immediately so we can prepare for your pet’s arrival.

If you are experiencing a pet emergency after our normal business hours, please call:

  • Newtown Veterinary Specialists at (203) 790-6383
  • Norwalk Emergency and Referral Hospital at (203)854-9960