Just moved to Fairfield County and looking for a veterinarian?  Use these tips to help you pick the veterinarian that is most likely a match for you, your pet, and your needs.



Read Their Reviews



It’s seems like a kind of ‘duh’ suggestion, but reviews do a good job at reflecting the quality and consistency of service you can expect at a veterinarian. Remember that people are much more likely to write a bad review than a good review, so be forgiving if you read one or two clunkers.  Still, any veterinarian that has a Google Review score of less than 4 should be passed over.


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Check Out Their Website



Websites aren’t necessarily reflective of the quality of medical care you’ll find at a veterinary practice, but they may hint at what your overall service experience will be like. Template driven sites with blocky layouts and homey themes tend to be owned by veterinarians that haven’t updated their thoughts on what today’s 21stCentury pet owner wants.  Their website may be just the first of other outdated features you encounter when visiting this vet.


Are They AAHA Accredited?

American Animal Hospital Association Logo (AAHA Accredited)

The best veterinarians keep up-to-date on the latest medicine and patient care practices. AAHA accreditation means that the American Animal Hospital Association has reviewed over 900 medical service, safety, training and cleanliness standards and approved a veterinary practice as being compliant.  Only 13% of America’s veterinary practices have achieved this praiseworthy distinction.  Look for the AAHA symbol on the website of the practices you are considering and put the ones that have it at the top of your list.

Do They Keep Pets Calm During Office Visits?


Like the American Animal Hospital Association, another group, Fear Free, advocates for a minimal-stress experience when pets (and pet owners!) go to the vet.  When looking at a website for a practice, look for clues that the veterinary medical team has undergone training on how to keep pets calm during visits to the practice.  Practices that advocate for a stress-free experience, that are Fear Free certified, or practices that are accredited by the American Association of Feline Practitioners should be given preference over practices that are not.


What’s Your Experience Like On The Phone?



Call the practice and inquire about their services, and then reflect on the experience you are having. Does the person that you are speaking to sound like he or she cares about you?  Does the person take time to find out your name, your pet’s name, and what your needs are?  It’s okay if the person on the other end sounds busy since great veterinary practices are presumably in great demand, but interest in you and your pet should never falter, even on the busiest of days.


What’s The Veterinary Hospital Itself Like?


After you choose a veterinarian that you think is right for you, visit the location. Remember that appearances say a lot about the practice.  Veterinarians that have a well-cared-for building, grounds, and interior are more likely to be organized and attuned to what today’s pet owners want. When you step into the lobby ask yourself if it smells good.  Just because the facility treats sick dogs and cats doesn’t mean that it has to smell like a sick dog or cat.  Great facilities know that odor sometimes comes with the turf and they have figured out a way to manage it.


How Do Team Members Interact With One Another?



The best veterinary practice teams like what they do and like one another.  You should see smiling employees who appear to be enjoying their interaction with clients and with one another.  They should notice and welcome you as you enter the lobby.  You should feel that the people at the practice view you as an individual with individual needs, not as someone who’s in line at a deli waiting for his or her number to be called. While you sit in the lobby, strike up a conversation with a nearby pet owner, be frank with them about your interest in finding a veterinarian, and then gauge their enthusiasm in supporting your decision to choose this one.


Is The Practice Transparent With Its Prices?


The diagnostic machines that a qualitative veterinary center needs to do its work can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it’s to be expected that veterinary care can get expensive. However, a client should never be blindsided by a veterinary bill.  The best practices are open about their pricing and should offer you an estimate of the cost of services if you request one. They should also have financing options available and a willingness to help you explore how you can finance your pet’s veterinary needs.


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