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It’s Pet Photos With Santa!

Bring your furred friends and have a picture taken, Saturday, November 30, from 2:30-4:30. 10 dollar, cash donation suggested or supplies for our local shelters.  All funds and donations go to Danbury Animal Control and New Milford Animal Welfare. See you there!





We’re 20 Years Old!

Celebrate with us!   Click through for savings and fun activities for the whole year!






We’re glad you’re here. Brookfield Animal Hospital is a regional leader in pet health.  Click through to find out more about YOUR dog or cat and how Brookfield can meet his or her specific needs.

DEEP Biologist: Bat White-Nose Syndrome Is Causing ‘Carnage’ in Connecticut

White Nose Bat Syndrome is decimating the bat population of Connecticut and six of the eight species of bats that can be found in Connecticut are on the endangered species list because of the disease. Though there is no known cure, homeowners can help bats survive the epidemic by creating bat houses that may be less likely to foster the disease.

Matching Halloween Outfits for Pets and People

If your dog doesn’t mind wearing a Halloween outfit, there’s nothing more enjoyable than taking him along with the whole family to go Trick-or-treating. Here are some great ideas for how to dress up your dog so that he can be part of the fun!

A Career Working With Animals

A career working with animals in a vet office offers lots of opportunities for advancement, job fur-fillment, and fun with great people!

4 Exotic Creatures Vets Love To See

It’s not just dogs and cats that trot through our veterinary practice door.  Some of our patients, slither,  hop, and fly to us for care.  Here is a short list of some of the most unusual creatures we have treated over the years.

See Your Pet Through a Vet’s Eyes

Brookfield veterinarians evaluate 11 major areas of your pet’s body each time they do an exam.  Care to look at your pet through a vet’s eyes? We’ve built a quiz that allows you to do just that!

Presidential Pets Quiz

There have been a lot of pets that have padded and pounced their way through the White House over they years.  Do you remember their names?  Take this quiz to test your Presidential pet knowledge!

Pet Clothes: Our Top Picks for Witty, Wonderful, or Just Plain Weird

Pet owners are dressing their furry friends up for all the major holidays and the routine days in between.  Here’s a selection of get ups that really grabbed our eye.

Animal Internet Stars: With millions of fans, these pets live like royalty.

Helen launched a thousand ships, but this puss has captivated millions!

The Three Most Common Diseases in Older Cats…and they all respond to treatment!

Older cats are at significant risk for three diseases:  kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes.  The great news is that all three illnesses respond well to treatment but you need to CATCH THEM EARLY.  Brookfield Animal Hospital offers a blood screen that identifies any one of these diseases.   Read on for more information on these and other old-age related illnesses, and then find out how you can get your cat safely and affordably screened for all of them!

Connecticut Shelter Euthanasia Numbers Plummet! Part of a National Trend

Shelter euthanasia rates are down by a whopping 42% thanks to the great people who choose to adopt and to the use of microchips that reunite owners with lost pets.   But the news got us to thinking: how much do we really know about our shelter system and...

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Veterinary experts (including those of us here at Brookfield) have pondered the ‘why does my dog eat grass’ question for years.  Here are our four best guesses based on published research and our own observations. This article contains info on the fascinating topic of Zoopharmacognosy, the concept that animals instinctively know how to self medicate!

Connecticut Bears: Test your knowledge

Connecticut's bear population has exploded over the last four decades.  How much do you know about these terrific creatures? Take this quiz and find out.  It's an entertaining way to learn about bears that live right here in our state!   Score and answers...

American Indians and Their Dogs: A complex life of love, work and togetherness

Nomadic tribes from Asia brought dogs with them to the New World and for thousands of years, they were Native American’s only domesticated animal. Fiercely guarded by tribe women, they were used to drag sleds, help hunt buffalo, used as a food source, and sacrificed...

Field Guide to Frog Eggs of Connecticut

Spring peeper sounds signal that it’s breeding time for Connecticut’s frogs and salamanders. Here’s a guide to help you identify the eggs you may see while walking outdoors.   Vernal Pools, Prime Real Estate For Ecological Health   Vernal pools are areas located in...

Human Foods That Are Great Treats for Dogs

Want to add variety to your dog’s meal? These human food additives are safe and nutritious!   Don't Make It a Habit   Use these additives irregularly as a treat, not as regular part of every meal. Dogs trained to consistently eat dog food mixed with human food may be...
Kona Loves the Individualized, Genuine Care

Kona Loves the Individualized, Genuine Care

We've taken our dog here quite frequently over the last 4 months since we got him and we LOVE the staff. The building is so beautiful, I feel comfortable just being there. The staff show a genuine enthusiasm and love for our dog at every visit. Some staff pop in on...

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