The Three Most Common Diseases in Older Cats…and they all respond to treatment!

Older cats are at significant risk for three diseases:  kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes.  The great news is that all three illnesses respond well to treatment but you need to CATCH THEM EARLY.  Brookfield Animal Hospital offers a blood screen that identifies any one of these diseases.   Read on for more information on these and other old-age related illnesses, and then find out how you can get your cat safely and affordably screened for all of them!

Pooch or Push Mower: Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

        Pooch or Push Mower? 'Why does my dog eats grass' and the dirt on lawn chemicals.               Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?   Why is it that every time my dog goes outside she eats a bunch of grass?  It’s funny to watch her in the process.  She selects the...

Connecticut Bears: Test your knowledge

Connecticut's bear population has exploded over the last four decades.  How much do you know about these terrific creatures? Take this quiz and find out.  It's an entertaining way to learn about bears that live right here in our state!   Score and answers...

Field Guide to Frog Eggs of Connecticut

Spring peeper sounds signal that it’s breeding time for Connecticut’s frogs and salamanders. Here’s a guide to help you identify the eggs you may see while walking outdoors.   Vernal Pools, Prime Real Estate For Ecological Health   Vernal pools are areas located in...

Human Foods That Are Great Treats for Dogs

Want to add variety to your dog’s meal? These human food additives are safe and nutritious!   Don't Make It a Habit   Use these additives irregularly as a treat, not as regular part of every meal. Dogs trained to consistently eat dog food mixed with human food may be...

A Job Working With Animals

Animal healthcare is one of America’s fastest growing industries. A career in veterinary medicine can be a chance for people of all ages to have rewarding, recession-proof employment with good prospects of career advancement.

How Powerful is a Dog’s Nose?

  10 Thousand Times Better Than Yours: A Dog’s Nose is Nothing To Sneeze About   Researchers at the Sensory Research Institute at Florida State University estimate that a dog’s nose is somewhere between 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than a human nose. To put that...

How To Pick The Right Dog For Adoption

Who are you and what kind of lifestyle do you lead?   Don’t go to the shelter and choose a pet with the most doleful eyes. Pets, especially dogs, will integrate themselves into your life and a good match is critical to long term happiness all the way around. Ask...

Bee Advised

The next patient you sit near to at Brookfield might not be barking, but buzzing! Find out why a new FDA law means that Brookfield’s best veterinarians may be treating honeybees.

Things That Go BOOM In The Night

Stop your dog’s fear of thunder and fireworks with this new FDA approved, non-sedating medication. This is a great review of the dos and don’ts when managing… and even eliminating… noise phobias in pets.

Big Booty

Fat is not fun. It’s not even cute. Obesity in cats and dogs is a lingering malady that makes your pet feel lousy, decreases lifespan, and complicates the treatment of other illnesses. If you have a fat dog or cat, here’s what you can do about it.

The Pit Bull Rescue

Rescued pit bull puppies and other dogs make up a large portion of the animals that Brookfield sees on a regular basis. Once overlooked, placed in shelters, and sometimes even slated for death, the rescued patients of Brookfield occupy a large portion of our clients’ hearts. Article includes a certificate for 50% off your rescued pet’s first exam fee at Brookfield.

The Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier)

Yorkshire terriers (Yorkies) are not only one of Brookfield’s most popular dogs, they stand out as our pet owners’ biggest obsession. Yorkies are at once willful, loving, scrappy, smart and driven. When you own a Yorkie, you don’t own a dog, you own a personality.

Gone Wild!

Domesticated cats wandered into the homes of Neolithic man as far back as 10,000 years ago. They’ve been wandering ever since.

The Retriever

By far, hands down, no contest…the Retriever is Brookfield’s most popular dog and has been ranked America’s most popular dog by the American Kennel Club for 25 years! The Golden Retriever ranks number 3.


In a survey conducted by the Connecticut Department of Health from 2005-2009, a surprising 8% of animals submitted for testing, were positive for rabies! Can you guess which animal had the highest rate of infections (hint: don’t use the picture for a clue 🙂


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkcyyVtIwwo     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RGY5oSKVfo   Want more videos like these?  Explore the ICARE Cat Video    ...

Why is my pet so itchy?

Excessive itchiness is quite common in dogs. Here we explain the basic causes of the itchiness and what you can do as a pet parent to help your canine companion get better quickly.

The Scoop On Poop

Why does a diet change give my dog diarrhea? What is ‘dog garbage gut’? Is my dog eating grass because she’s sick? Fascinating information on how dogs digest their food and what’s up with their poop.