Brookfield veterinarians and team members write original material for you, our valued clients.  Enjoy!

5-Year Old Boy Contracts Rare Tick Borne Disease

First Case of Tick-borne Powassan Virus in Connecticut reignites region’s urgent tick borne disease concerns. The disease kills 10% of those infected and permanently disables an additional 50% more.

Gone Wild!

Domesticated cats wandered into the homes of Neolithic man as far back as 10,000 years ago. They’ve been wandering ever since.

Human Foods That Are Great Treats for Dogs

Want to add variety to your dog’s meal? These human food additives are safe and nutritious!   Don't Make It a Habit   Use these additives irregularly as a treat, not as regular part of every meal. Dogs trained to consistently eat dog food mixed with human food may be...

Does Road Salt Hurt My Dog’s Feet?

De-icers can cause your dog’s paws to dry and itch. Here’s everything you need to know about de-icer safety and walking your dog in the winter.

A Job Working With Animals

Animal healthcare is one of America’s fastest growing industries. A career in veterinary medicine can be a chance for people of all ages to have rewarding, recession-proof employment with good prospects of career advancement.

How To Pick The Right Dog For Adoption

Who are you and what kind of lifestyle do you lead?   Don’t go to the shelter and choose a pet with the most doleful eyes. Pets, especially dogs, will integrate themselves into your life and a good match is critical to long term happiness all the way around. Ask...

Canine Good Citizen Prize

The AKC Canine Good Citizen Award is only given to dogs that can perform these ten tasks on command. Could your dog pass the test and earn a Canine Good Citizen Award?

Covid-19 In Connecticut: Pet Owners Guide

Brookfield Animal Hospital has received several calls from pet owners regarding the current COVID-19, corona outbreak.   Here is the latest information, as we know it. Fearful pet?  Afraid of cost? No matter your concern, allow us to help. We'll...

Matching Halloween Outfits for Pets and People

If your dog doesn’t mind wearing a Halloween outfit, there’s nothing more enjoyable than taking him along with the whole family to go Trick-or-treating. Here are some great ideas for how to dress up your dog so that he can be part of the fun!

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Veterinary experts (including those of us here at Brookfield) have pondered the ‘why does my dog eat grass’ question for years.  Here are our four best guesses based on published research and our own observations. This article contains info on the fascinating topic of Zoopharmacognosy, the concept that animals instinctively know how to self medicate!

The Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier)

Yorkshire terriers (Yorkies) are not only one of Brookfield’s most popular dogs, they stand out as our pet owners’ biggest obsession. Yorkies are at once willful, loving, scrappy, smart and driven. When you own a Yorkie, you don’t own a dog, you own a personality.

The Retriever

By far, hands down, no contest…the Retriever is Brookfield’s most popular dog and has been ranked America’s most popular dog by the American Kennel Club for 25 years! The Golden Retriever ranks number 3.

Shih-tzu! (Bless You!)

The Chrysanthimum dog! With 251 shih tzu’s under its care, this breed is Brookfield’s second-most popular patient.

Rescued Pit Bulls

Rescued pit bull puppies and other dogs make up a large portion of the animals that Brookfield sees on a regular basis. Once overlooked, placed in shelters, and sometimes even slated for death, the rescued patients of Brookfield occupy a large portion of our clients’ hearts. Article includes a certificate for 50% off your rescued pet’s first exam fee at Brookfield.

Build a Bike!

This past November, as part of our Brookfield Animal Hospital effort to give back to our community, our staff had fun competing with each other to assemble children’s bikes. Our staff divided into three teams. A jeopardy-style game was played, and the first team to...

Getting Bad News Before It’s All That Bad

I may get to keep my dog longer because Brookfield Animal Hospital found two life-threatening issues at their earliest stages. Never Expected Anything To Be Wrong During my dog Rye’s recent annual visit to Brookfield Animal Hospital, we both received bad news.  While...

DEEP Biologist: Bat White-Nose Syndrome Is Causing ‘Carnage’ in Connecticut

White Nose Bat Syndrome is decimating the bat population of Connecticut and six of the eight species of bats that can be found in Connecticut are on the endangered species list because of the disease. Though there is no known cure, homeowners can help bats survive the epidemic by creating bat houses that may be less likely to foster the disease.

A Career Working With Animals

A career working with animals in a vet office offers lots of opportunities for advancement, job fur-fillment, and fun with great people!

4 Exotic Creatures Vets Love To See

It’s not just dogs and cats that trot through our veterinary practice door.  Some of our patients, slither,  hop, and fly to us for care.  Here is a short list of some of the most unusual creatures we have treated over the years.

See Your Pet Through a Vet’s Eyes

Brookfield veterinarians evaluate 11 major areas of your pet’s body each time they do an exam.  Care to look at your pet through a vet’s eyes? We’ve built a quiz that allows you to do just that!

Presidential Pets Quiz

There have been a lot of pets that have padded and pounced their way through the White House over they years.  Do you remember their names?  Take this quiz to test your Presidential pet knowledge!

The Bagel…I mean the BEAGLE!

They chase rabbits, drug dealers and balls…includes an interactive chart by the American Kennel Club and a special video we think you’ll love.

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