What can I make my dog for Thanksgiving?  These high fiber, nutritious, and low-cal Dog Gobbler Turkey Treats will have your pet slobbering for more! (Oh, and your cat will love them too!)


It’s hard to resist sharing some of your Thanksgiving meal with your dog or cat. Here is an easy recipe that uses leftover sweet potatoes and turkey.


A Few Rules For You and Your Guests


Everyone enjoys sneaking a few treats to the family dog or cat under the table at Thanksgiving, but too much of a good thing can be bad.

  1. Show your guests where you keep your pet’s treats so that they can give those out instead of higher fatty foods. Consider putting a small portion of treats in a bowl and let the guests know that when those are gone, your pet is allowed no more.
  2. No chocolate
  3. Avoid anything too fatty
  4. Avoid foods that are heavily seasoned or salted
  5. Explain that giving treats under the table encourages begging, a habit that gets old quickly.

Remind them that to show love, they should show restraint. Affection might not taste as good as bite of pumpkin pie, but it’s safer and will be enjoyed just as much.

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Best Treats For Your Dog Or Cat


We like freeze-dried chicken as treats for dogs or cats. They are high in protein, pets LOVE them, and they can be broken into small pieces for training purposes.

High protein treats like these are easy to break into small pieces and a great low-cal option for training.

What you can feed your dog or cat from the Thanksgiving table.


Use this guide for a list of the Thanksgiving foods that are pet friendly.


Dog Gobbler Turkey Treat Recipe


It’s easy to make Dog Gobbler Turkey Treats. They’re the best recipe idea we’ve seen since this one for peanut butter and pumpkin treats.  The recipe proportions are 3-2-1, so it’s easy to remember and to pull together quickly as everyone pitches in to clean up after your feast.


To make the Gobblers, you’ll want a protein, a source of carbohydrates and fiber, and a binding agent. The ones we love best are ones that are made from 3 parts leftover turkey (skin removed), 2 parts baked or boiled yam (no seasoning or sugar added) and 1 binding agent like an egg. If you don’t have yams, you can substitute green beans, carrots, peas, kale, Brussel sprouts, pumpkin, or spinach, but don’t include onions, garlic, raisins or avocado. Just make sure that the vegetables are at least partially cooked and unseasoned.


How To Make Dog Gobbler Turkey Treats


Ingredients and What You’ll Need


  • 3 cups leftover, cooked, minced turkey (skin removed)
  • 2 cups cooked, mashed pumpkin, sweet potatoes or yams, or any of the other vegetables listed above finely chopped and precooked.
  • 1 egg
  • Parchment paper or non-stick spray
  • Baking sheet



Preheat an oven to 350°F

In a bowl, combine all ingredients except the egg, then beat the egg, add it to the mixture, and mix thoroughly. Mixture should have a cookie-dough consistency.

Using a tablespoon, scoop out a small portion of the mixture and roll between your hands to make a small meatball.

Continue to make meatballs until all the mixture is gone.

Line your baking sheet with the parchment paper or spray lightly with non-stick spray

Place your Gobblers onto the parchment paper or baking sheet and cook at 375°F for 20 minutes or until the meatballs are firm and a toothpick inserted into the mixture comes out clean.




For small dogs, 1 or 2 Gobblers per day, for medium-sized dogs 2-4 gobblers per day, for large dogs, no more than 5 gobblers per day. If treating your pet to a Gobbler, significantly decrease the regular portion size of his or her food.


About Pumpkin As A Treat


Pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber and is usually naturally sweet enough to appeal to both dogs and cats.  Adding pumpkin to your Gobblers or even to your pet’s daily diet is a great way to help your pet reduce his or her weight. The fiber helps the pet to feel fuller, and the high fiber content of the pumpkin will improve the way your dog and cat naturally expresses his or her anal glands.


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