Boarding Form

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Boarding Agreement

Glad to have your pet staying with us! Please complete one form per boarding guest AFTER you have called us to make your reservation. Filling out the form does not guarantee a reservation.
  • List the days of your pet's stay with us.
  • Diet

  • Use the field below to tell us what your pet eats and how much. Although we provide both canned and dry food, you may bring your pet's own food if you prefer their diet not change. We'll be happy to mix your pet's food however you do it at home 🙂 Please note that we monitor appetite daily. Occassionally, we tempt guests that have a lower appetite with cold cuts or treats. Special pricing may apply.
  • Vacation Options

    We'll do a personal Interview with you and your pet prior to boarding to make sure that we understand how your pet likes to sleep, eat and be interacted with. During your pet's stay, we'll monitor his or her food and water intake, activity levels, mood, and elimination habits. We provide comfortable bedding for all dogs and cats are housed in our beautiful condos with resting perches. But maybe you want some 'vacation perks'. Read on for more information and select any additional package that may be of use to you.
    TLC Add On: For pet owners looking for extra attention for their pets during their stay with us, this service includes daily one-on-one cuddle or play time with staff; a photo of your pet texted to you each day; a written report on how your pet enjoyed their with us; premium foam bedding for dogs; and for our cats, the 'Cat Napper' bed, a premium, padded sleeping area. Also includes a homemade bedtime snack! The TLC Add On is a great idea for older guests that may be more arthritic or for any pet who would enjoy a little extra "loving" from our caring staff. Exercise Time!
    Add exercise time for your dog in our fenced-in outdoor area to either of the above packages. 30 minutes daily (weather permitting)!
  • Medications

    Use the following fields to list any medications that our guest should take during his or her stay. If your pet is not on any medications, check the next box and move on to the Bathing Option section.
  • Is there something else you want to tell us about your pet's medication or health condition? Please use the space below. If you need to add additional medications to the list, please tell us the name of the medicine, the dose, and the date and the time that the medication was last given or will have been last given.
  • Bathing Option

  • We'll be happy to provide a bath for our canine guests with your permission. Dogs under 40 lbs cost $39. Dogs over 40 lbs cost $44. Bathing is complementary with a 7 day stay with us or longer!
  • Personal Belongings

  • Brookfield provides bedding materials for all dogs and cats. Please do not leave bedding with us. We're concerned that we won't be able to properly care for it with the volume of bedding that we regularly clean and manage.
  • Pictures!