If your dog doesn’t mind wearing a Halloween outfit, there’s nothing more enjoyable than taking him along with the whole family to go trick-or-treating. Here are some great ideas for how to dress up your dog so that he can be part of the fun!


Clicking on any of the pictures below will take you to Amazon where you can find out more about the costume or find others like it.

The Wizard of Oz

This is an adorable outfit for the dog if you can match the color of your costume to your dog’s fur.  Unfortunately, covering a dog’s ears like this will be unpleasant for many dogs, so you may want to test your dog’s compliance first by visiting a pet store and trying one of these on him or her.  Another option would be to put it on for a brief amounts of time, and then to remove it.

Prisoners and Police Officers

We like these outfits because they’re easy to wear for the dogs, especially if you take the hat off which is most likely to irritate your pet.

Wild West

We like this idea because it’s likely to be the least stressful for your dog.  The flannel faux shirt fits like a bandana around your pet’s neck and integrates well with this Wild West theme.


This is another one of those outfits that could bug your dog, but others may tolerate it well, especially if they are used to wearing a harness or sweater. Visit a local pet retailer that sells pet costumes and see if they’ll allow you try something like this on your pet first before you purchase, or consider taking it on and off your pet as you trick-or-treat.


This outfit is adorable and most dogs will tolerate it well, especially if they are used to wearing sweaters or halters.

Postal Carriers

One more potentially challenging outfit for your dog, but sure to be a show stopper if your dog doesn’t mind wearing it.  There are lots of ways you can go with this combo.  Female or male carriers, dress up like a package, etc.

Caped Crusaders


Lots of options for both dogs and people in this bat cave. We don’t go for the mask on the dog’s head. That’s almost certain to bother your dog, but everything else we think is great. The dog batman outfit will likely be well tolerated by most dogs especially if they are used to wearing a harness.

Flowers and Bee


As cute as they are, you might want to skip the bee antennas, since most dogs are likely to be annoyed by them. Whenever you put something on your dog’s head, ensure that it doesn’t pinch or isn’t too tight.

Low Stress Outfits


Sweaters and bandanas are your safest bet if your dog is likely to balk at wearing a Halloween outfit. Clicking on either picture will allow you to explore your buying options on Amazon.



Okay, can we be a drag for just a little bit?  After that extensive costume parade, we don’t mean to make it rain, but we have encountered enough issues with pets and Halloween that we feel it’s our duty to remind you of the following:


Don’t Force Your Pet To Dress Up For Halloween


If your pet doesn’t want to wear the costume, please don’t make him. Your dog may squirm to get out of it, slip his lead and run away, or learn to associate parties or children with feeling uncomfortable and being punished for wearing the costume.  if you fear that your pet is uncomfortable, stop and let him wear his everyday fur as his outfit:)


Monitor Your Pet For Chewing on His Halloween Costume


Make sure that your dog doesn’t chew off part of his or her costume and eat it. Pets that swallow things like buttons or fabric are at risk for vomiting, diarrhea, or bowel obstruction.


Watch Your Bag of Candy


Every year we treat one or two dogs that get into the trick-or-treat bag and eat too much chocolate or candy.  In either case, the results can be severe including, diarrhea, vomiting, or in the case of chocolate, deadly. Don’t put your candy where your dog can get to it and teach children not to give your pet Halloween candy to eat.


Noise Phobia In Dogs


Many dogs go wild when they hear the doorbell or a knock at the door. An entire night of this kind of noise is likely to drive your dog crazy with panic.  If your dog is likely to experience a lot of stress on Halloween night, Brookfield veterinarians can prescribe an FDA approved medication called Cerenia, but because it is a prescription drug, your dog must have been examined recently by one of our veterinarians first.  For more on noise phobia, look at this resource by Brookfield Animal Hospital.


Dogs That Runaway On Halloween


Many dogs are terrified of Halloween costumes and can bolt out of an open door or pull free from a leash or harness.  Ensure that your pet’s costume doesn’t inhibit you from attaching a secure lead to your pet if he or she is walking with you outside.  If your pet is inside during Halloween and is likely to be unnerved by people in costume, leave him or her isolated in a quiet, safe, dark room.


Fitting Your Pet For His Costume


To test if your dog’s bandana is too tight, try to slip two fingers underneath it once the bandana has been tied.  You should be able to slip two fingers underneath your pet’s bandana or collar, yet the fit should feel snug.  Ensure that any headgear or eye wear is not too tight (we are not a fan of either, by the way), and make sure that your pet’s costume is safe for him to move in and won’t cause overheating.


Microchip Your Pet


A microchip is safe way to positively identify your pet if he or she runs away due to fear. Almost all veterinary practices and shelters possess the tools to ‘read’ the microchip and identify you as the pet owner.  You can read more about microchips below.


What?  Nothing About Cats?


We’re not big fans of trying to put cats into costumes.  Most do not tolerate it and many may be lured into chewing bits of them off and swallowing them.  We believe that pets should only be included in Halloween activities if they want to be included.  If you have a pet that is eager to join in the fun and to make you laugh (Yes! Pets know that making us laugh typically means more affection for them, so some know how to tickle our funny bones), then allow them to dress up for Halloween!

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