Veterinary Technician


I have worked at Brookfield Animal Hospital for 3 1/2 years. I’m a native of Danbury, CT and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Justice and Law Administration with a concentration in Criminology from Western CT State University. I worked in animal rescue for 5+ years volunteering at DAWS.

I have a German Shepherd/Lab mix named Kiki who is 8 yrs old, a Labradoodle named Bear who is 15 yrs old, a 14 month old rescue cat named Merlin, a Bearded Dragon named Saphira, and a Rabbit named Willow!

I would love to work in conservation/rescue and make a bigger difference for animals. I love to be outdoors hiking and trail running as well as exercising and working out. I enjoy reading, singing, and drawing. One of my dreams is to have a large area of land where I can have a lot of animals and give homes to and rescue less fortunate animals