Kennel Staff Member

College: Western Connecticut State University
Degree: Bachelor’s in Justice Law and Administration, concentration in criminology


I was born in Carmel, NY, and have lived in Danbury, CT all of my life.

I have attended Danbury schools all the way up through college. I went to Western Connecticut State University for Justice Law and Administration.

I have been in the veterinary business for almost a year, and hope to be involved in it much longer. I would like to move up to vet tech in the future. or use my experience to move towards the K-9 police unit.


I have three dogs; a 7 year old brindle Boxer named Dash, a 12 year old Labradoodle named Bear, and a 5 1/2 year old German Shepard/Lab mix named Kiki. I also have a 1 year old rabbit named Willow and several fish. I rescued Kiki as a puppy from Danbury Animal Welfare Society. The other two, as well as my rabbit, were adopted from families that could no longer care for them. Dash recently underwent surgery to repair a parineal hernia. Bear has arthritis in both back legs and is treated with Rimadyl. He has also had lyme disease and has been treated with Doxycycline. Kiki has no known issues. Willow uses drops for watery eyes

All of my dogs are on heart worm and flea/tick preventatives. They get updated fecal samples and Bear gets senior blood work done. They all get rabies, distemper, and Lyme vaccines, as well as yearly 4dx tests. I am particularly pleased with the laser therapy that we offer. After Dash had his hernia surgery, he had several rounds to decrease swelling and encourage healing. It worked very well and I would recommend it again to clients. The medications that my dogs have been on have also worked very well and I will continue to use them as long as they are needed

I am very interested in animal behavior and training. I have experience with a lot of different types of behavior and can be helpful in identifying and working with them.

I have been involved in animal rescue for over five years. I adopted my dog Kiki from the rescue I volunteer at and I love to devote my time to helping animals in need. I have had pets all my life and love all animals. My other interests include singing and art, among other things.