brookfield raccoon for webThe Raccoon

An eye-popping 42% of the 1400 raccoons submitted for testing in the 2005-2009 period were positive for rabies.

Is a Rabies Vaccine Safe for My Cat?

Some speculate that rabies vaccines can be associated with a kind of cancer in cats that sometimes appears around the injection site months or years after a rabies vaccine injection, however nothing has been proven.  As a precaution, Brookfield uses a vaccine that is produced without the chemical that many presume might lead to the higher cancer incidence.   We recommend that if you choose to have your cat vaccinated any place other than Brookfield, that you ask for the name of the vaccine and call us for information on its safety.

My Cat is Afraid to Come to the Veterinarian, What should I do?

Your cat is not alone.  Just the sight of a pet carrier can cause some cats to go into hiding for days.  Still, annual checkups are important, not only for the aforementioned annual rabies vaccine, but because cats don’t show signs of illness until it is very advanced.  Annual visits find disease at its earliest stages when it can be effectively and affordably treated.  Visit our CATS ONLY page for more information on how to make vet visits less frightening and to learn what Brookfield does to assure your cat all will be well.