Veterinary Assistant

I am Rachel. I have a bachelors of the arts in Zoology, from SUNY Oswego.
I love all animals. I am passionate about conservation, anthrozoology, and
evolutionary biology. I love to travel and see all the different
ecosystems. I volunteer at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT as a
gallery ambassador educating the public about various aquatic life. One of
my favorite groups of animals are Elasmobranchs which include, stingrays,
and sharks! I adore animals with an interesting morphology such as
stingrays, eels, snakes, cephalopods. I am new to the veterinary field but
I love being able to help animals feel better which in turn makes the
people who love them feel better.

I own a jack russell and australian cattle dog mutt named Freckles. She
loves to give kisses. She is a rescue dog who used to be very anxious in
any situation. After a few years of exposing her to different situations
such as the dog park, home depot, friends and family houses, long car
rides, boat rides she has vastly improved. She will do anything for a
treat. In the summer her and I will lay outside together snuggled up
sunbathing next to Candlewood lake. When she smells grass she will turn on
her side and squiggle around in a circle, and when it snows she will bury
her head into the snow and tunnel through. Freckles is a champion water
bottle cap remover. She loves the wind in her face in the car, and she
gets upset when she doesn’t get to ride shotgun. Freckles is the love of
my life and makes me feel connected.

We are all just animals living together in this world. I would love to
help facilitate people understanding this truth. To appreciate all animals
for their specific gifts they possess and all the different niches that
get filled. I wish people could realize how awesome being alive is and how
extremely unlikely an event like this was to even happen.

Right now, I am at a point in my life where I am still trying to find
myself and figure out exactly what type of career to pursue. Whether in
the future that means graduate school, or veterinary school, I know I want
to be involved with animals and I want to help them.

My hobbies include: anything with my dog, going to video game conventions,
movies, lowgrade cosplaying, concerts, and cuddling.