Leaving your dog or cat behind while you travel is hard. We are here to set your mind at ease. Boarding your dog or cat at Brookfield is unique for these reasons:


Safe Pet Boarding: a secure home-away-from-home


At Brookfield, our onsite veterinarians evaluate the welfare, health, and comfort of our boarding patients on a daily basis.  Dogs (and cats) outside of their familiar environment, and separated from their owners, can behave unpredictably.  Group romps with other pets can appear inviting to us, but to our pets they can raise anxiety levels and cause outbursts of aggression.  Dogs and cats, separated from their owners, are more interested in human interaction, not interaction with other unfamiliar dogs and cats. Our Brookfield boarding TLC team and our veterinarians understand how to keep dogs and cats calm, happy and safe while boarding.

Brookfield Boarding Designed by Veterinarians


Our veterinarians were trained at the top veterinary colleges of the U.S.  They prioritized safety and health when designing our facility, then they built in premium comfort, opportunities for pets to exercise and play, and trained a team to pay close attention to ‘their guests’ needs.  Just check out some of the options our boarding guests have access to.


Boarding Facility In B

rookfield, New Milford and New Fairfield

We pride ourselves in a safe and secure boarding facility with natural light, a comfortable temperature, and plenty of space for daily fun and exercise.



A healthy environment means that we assess each guest coming in for boarding to mimimize the risk of spreading colds or coughs.  Each dog and cat living quarter is santitized with veterinary-approved disinfectants that kill germs and yet leave no harmful residue. We regularly assess our accommodations for safety, and comply with all the safety protocols for boarding that the American Animal Hospital Association has accepted. Your pet’s health and wellbeing will be assessed daily and any concerns brought immediately to our veterinarian’s attention.



Comfortable boarding means providing raised, orthopedic pet beds for dogs and cat condos for cats- with a hideaway area- as well as cozy blankets for all. Because cats have special needs when boarding, they are housed separately from the dog boarders to avoid the unnecessary stress that they often feel when housed too close to dogs. Because most pets are more comfortable with as close-to-home routine as possible, we can accommodate your pet’s personal food with your feeding instructions.



A little TLC never hurt anybody

And Let’s Not Forget Care Best Boarding Facility in Brookfield


It’s that big something extra that sets us apart. We provide TLC training to our team members. One of the most important things that you want for your pet when you can’t be there is for them to receive love and attention. In addition to regular exercise, our TLC boarding means that we get to know your pet, that we treat him or her like an individual, and understand what he or she enjoys.  Our TLC team doesn’t board animals, they interact with them; they take time to provide belly rubs, play, and personal one-on-one attention.


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