Senior Care





Senior Care



My Pet Is Getting Old.  What should I do?


The very best thing that you can do for your pet is to bring it to Brookfield Animal Hospital for a senior health exam.  Here’s why:


Dogs and Cats Age in Predictable Ways


Arthritis, cataracts, glaucoma, degenerative joint disease, heart issues, cancers, thyroid problems, kidney problems…while the list of things that can go wrong with dogs or cats as they age is very serious, it’s also fairly predictable.  We have a LOT of experience diagnosing these serious, but common issues at their very earliest stages.  That means we can be more successful at treating them or keeping your pet feeling well and living longer.  Waiting until your pet shows signs of disease often means that you’ve allowed the disease to progress to advanced degrees.  Treating at this stage can be painful, less successful and expensive.


Brookfield Veterinary Client with her senior dogIt’s Nice To Heal; It’s Better To Keep Well


We became veterinarians because we like to heal animals, but better than healing animals is keeping them well.  Moreover, lots and lots of human diagnostic tools have spilled over into the animal world.  Today,it’s possible to diagnose disease and visualize your pet’s internal organs in ways that haven’t before been possible.  We can make extremely accurate diagnoses based on screenings using ultrasound, x-rays or chemistry panels.  Additionally the medications and the treatments available today are better than they’ve ever been.  We may uncover early disease at your pet’s annual visit, but that’s a much better alternative than to let it slip by unnoticed. Much, much better.


Don’t Hide


Many people take an ostrich approach to caring for the senior pet.  They’re afraid to find out that anything is wrong, but that’s the worst possible position you can take.  Inevitably something is going to go wrong…with all of us…not just your pet.  By monitoring what is breaking down or about to break down in your pet, we can mitigate suffering, reduce expense and improve the likelihood of success.


brookfield girl touching old dog


It’s Especially Important for Cats


Did you know that 75% fewer cat owners take their pet to the veterinarian than dog owners?  What a huge mistake.  Cats are extremely good at masking their illnesses.  Typically cats don’t show visible signs of disease until they are very, very sick.  Cats can also be more difficult to treat.  They may become very nervous if they have to be hospitalized and that can impact their willingness to eat and their ability to heal.  Every major not-for-profit feline medical association recommends annual examinations by veterinarians for all cats.

But My Pet Hates The Vet


It’s true, some pets are terrified.  Brookfield Animal Hospital trains every team member how to earn pets’ trust and how to mitigate their fear.  Please reach out to us if you have a fearful cat or dog.  We’ll help you prepare them for his or her visit with us.

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