Yorkshire terriers (Yorkies) are not only one of Brookfield’s most popular dogs, they stand out as our clients’ biggest obsession. Yorkies are at once willful, loving, scrappy, smart and driven. When you own a Yorkie, you don’t own a dog, you own a personality.

Originally Bred from Airedales!

York's were bred from Airedale dogs

Hard to believe but the enormous, strong willed Airedale was used as the breeding stock to create today’s modern Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkies descend from dogs brought to England by Scotch weavers that emigrated to Yorkshire to work in the mills. The original dogs, the Waterside terrier (aka the Airedale), was crossed with the Manchester Black and Tan, Paisley, and Clydesdale terriers. The breed was first shown in 1861 as the Broken Haired Scotch Terrier, but the name was later changed to Yorkshire Terrier to give credit to the extensive breeding that was done in England to improve upon the original breed.  To view an excellent fact sheet on Yorkshire Terriers, including conformation standards, go the AKC page.




Fox Killers!

Yorkies were bred…and this will help you to understand just how tough these little dogs are…were bred to catch rats in mines and to descend into burrows to wrangle with foxes and badgers. Hard to imagine a dog that’s often dressed in small coats with matching booties taking on a full grown fox!


Common Yorkshire Terrier Health and Behavior Issues

Do your Yorkie (and yourself) a big favor by setting some firm boundaries for this breed early on. Excessive barking and a ‘small dog syndrome‘ of showing aggression to other dogs (large ones in particular) can lead to issues with existing pets and neighbors. Yorkies are typically very willful when walked, so leash training should also be on your to-do list. Lastly, Yorkies are notoriously prone to early-onset dental disease. Calorie-rich, sugary human foods should not be shared with your dog. Reach out to a Brookfield veterinarian for help with Yorkie behavior, training and preventative dental questions. We’re happy to help.



Meet Schmitty the Weather Dog

One of the Northeast’s most popular Yorkies is Schmitty the Weather Dog. Schmitty and his meteologist owner Roy Trotta, prognosticate weather for the entire country and take lessons about wind, rain, snow and sun to elementary schools around the country. They also run a great little gift store called the New Yorkie Store. Check out their line of dog clothing and excessories that will fit your Yorkie and other sized dogs in your life.