Welcome To Brookfield Animal Hospital!

Our Reception Area

We know you’re coming, long before you arrive. We carefully review our appointment scheduler 24 hours prior to your visit. By the time you get here, we’ve rechecked your pet’s medical history and confirmed that we have everything in place for your visit.

brookfield dog checking in with caption



brookfield tech with patientBegin Your Appointment

Our Examination Rooms

Our exam rooms are quiet, comfortable and well equipped, but it’s the professionals that we put in them that really stand out.



Examination with doctor

brookfield examination with doctor

Our veterinarians spend time getting to know our clients and patients.  The ‘and’ part is important.  Many times, clients only remember the conversation part of the examination. What they often don’t realize is that our veterinarians are doing double duty, talking to them about their pet’s health while doing a full physical examination on their pet.  This includes so much more than the stethescope part. Here is an excellent overview of what happens during a feline examination brought to you by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  Stay tuned for our very OWN video on the typical dog physical examination.




Laboratory On The Premises

While doctors are conducting the physical examination, our technicians are busy performing any required diagnostics that your pet may require using our in-house laboratory.

brookfield techs in lab

Pharmacy Inside

For your convenience and pet’s safety, Brookfield Animal Hospital stocks many effective dog and cat medications. Non-Veterinarian online pharmacies may not store animal medications at optimal temperatures or may sell medications that are about to expire.  Human pharmacies sometimes misunderstand how to properly dose medications for animals.  For this reason, Brookfield prefers to have its own pharmacy on site.  We receive drugs directly from the manufacturer or approved supplier and we have full control over their storage and handing.

brookfield client checking out

Time to go home. Thank you for allowing us to keep your relationship with your pet strong and happy.

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